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DN80-17MPa RTP pipe exported by Tianlian Huitong to Russia was successfully delivered!

Baoji Tianlian Huitong Composite Materials Co., Ltd. has achieved great success in the project of exporting DN80-17MPa RTP pipe to Russia with its excellent technical ability and excellent product quality. We are very pleased to announce that we have recently successfully completed the delivery of this important order, which has been highly appreciated by our customers. As an enterprise focusing on R&D, manufacturing and sales of composite pipes, Baoji Tianlian Huitong Composite Materials Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing first-class products and services to customers around the world. Our RTP tubes have excellent high temperature, corrosion and pressure resistance and are widely used in oil, gas, chemical and other industries. The delivery of DN80-17MPa RTP pipe project for export to Russia fully reflects the outstanding advantages of Baoji Tianlian Huitong Composite Materials Co., Ltd. in terms of technology research and development and production capacity. Our professional team has not only made important breakthroughs in raw material selection, production process control, etc., but also achieved excellence in quality control and project management. We always adhere to the principle of customer first, provide customers with customized solutions, and ensure the reliability and durability of products. By working closely with our customers, we are able to better understand their needs and provide professional and efficient technical support. Baoji Tianlian Huitong Composite Materials Co., Ltd. will continue to make unremitting efforts to continuously improve product quality and service level, and further expand the international market and partners to meet the growing needs of customers. We look forward to building partnerships with more customers to create a better future together.



Baoji Tianlian Huitong Composite Materials Co., Ltd. won the second prize of the high-tech zone's average benefit

Baoji Tianlian Huitong Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is focused on providing specialized continuous composite pipes for the energy industry. The company is a national high-tech enterprise and a national-level specialized, refined, and new "little giant" enterprise. It has leading comprehensive production capacity and technology research and development strength in China.     The company is a provincial-level technology center in Shaanxi Province and has long-term cooperation with research institutions such as the China Petroleum Engineering Materials Research Institute (Xi'an Pipe Institute), Aerospace 43rd Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, Zhejiang University, China University of Petroleum, Chang'an University, and Xi'an Shiyou University, to jointly conduct research and development of non-metallic composite material process technology, polymer-modified materials, and supporting equipment. As of 2022, the company has obtained 26 technology patents. By December 2022, it has accumulated 8,000 kilometers of experience in manufacturing, installation, and operation of flexible composite pipes.     The company is a Class A supplier of China Petroleum and a Class A credit supplier of Sinopec. It is also a network supplier of State Energy Group, China National Coal Group, and Shaanxi Coal Group. The company has a market share of over 20% in the domestic oil and gas field market. Its products have been widely used in major oil and gas fields in China and overseas regions such as the EBS oil field in Iraq and the Akdala oil field in Kazakhstan, and have received unanimous praise from customers.